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2013 Festival Games

IndieCade celebrates the best indie games of the year. Game developers from around the world converge in Culver City to show their games and this year's festival features 113 of these Officially Selected Games!

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The Nominees represent the best and most exciting indie games of the year determined by the IndieCade Jury. All the award contenders can be played in the Firehouse which is open and free to the public throughout the weekend, Saturday October 5th 10am- 7pm and Sunday October 6th 10 am - 5 pm

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by Rambod Kermanizadeh PC, Mac

[code] is a single player computer game in which players assume the role of "@," a simple variable in the code for each level. The levels themselves are made up of psuedo-code, and players use hints that are placed in the comments to learn how some computer science principals work. This allows them to manipulate the code of the game, solve puzzles, and eventually call the "NextLevel()" function.

99 Tiny Games

by Hide & Seek Installation

A collection of location-specific games for people to play together using the world around them, each with rules only a few sentences long.

Tiny Games are location-specific games that you play in the real world, using the things around you as a part of the game. We installed 99 Tiny Games on big posters all around London, three in each of the 33 boroughs, and made an app to make Tiny Games available anywhere.

Hide & Seek is a game design studio that makes games for people to play together. Our work routinely crosses over from real-world to digital, as we harness browser, mobile and physical computing platforms to pioneer new kinds of play.


Nominee by Cosmic Games Installation / PC

Constellation is an interactive installation about creativity in which players navigate a projection of our night sky and create myths.

Constellation is an interactive art installation about creativity, myth, and social collaboration in which players use a motion controller to navigate a projection of our night sky and create constellations.

A Dallas-based group initially formed at the University of Texas at Dallas making independent games.

Cube & Star: A Love Story

Nominee by Doppler Interactive PC, Mac

Cube & Star: A Love Story - Fill your heart with joy, and leave the world a more colorful place than when you entered it.

"Cube and Star: A Love Story is a game about the joy of... aimless but mindful wandering. Day breaks, grass grows, night falls, trees shed their fruit... and with every step you stain the world.

Cube & Star: A Love Story was developed by Joshua McGrath, one half of Doppler Interactive - allegedly-quirky development duo. The aspiration: Keep things surreal, a little dark, but always joyful.


Nominee by Elizabeth Sampat Analog boxed game

Deadbolt is a quiet pen-and-paper game about feeling closer to each other, more open to the world, and more accepting of ourselves.

Deadbolt is a quiet pen-and-paper game about giving your most honest self to strangers. Players emerge feeling closer to each other, more open to the world, and more accepting of themselves.

Elizabeth Sampat made all of this herself, awkwardly, in her living room. When plagued with self-doubt, she was able to get gut-checks from Twitter followers and close friends.

Dog Eat Dog

Nominee by Liwanag Press Tabletop roleplaying game

Dog Eat Dog - a game of colonialism and assimilation in the Pacific Isles. Have fun, tell stories with friends, experience microaggression!

Dog Eat Dog is a game of colonialism and its consequences. As a group, you work together to describe one of the hundreds of small islands in the Pacific Ocean, defining the customs of the natives and the mores of the outsiders arriving to claim it. The game begins when the war ends.

Dog Eat Dog was created by Liam Liwanag Burke, a game designer living in San Jose, CA, with lots of support from his wife Sarah and his friends Chris, Jennifer, Josh, Casey, Elizabeth and Shreyas.

Edgar Rice Soirée

Nominee by Adam Henriksson, David Kanaga, Thomas Perl, Douglas Wilson Playstation Move

In Edgar Rice Soirée, four players navigate a jungle of 20 hanging PlayStation Move controllers. Each player is assigned a color. Players need to activate controllers of their color by pressing any button. As long as you have two controllers activated, you're safe. If no controllers of your color are activated, you're eliminated immediately. If only one controller of your color is activated, you begin to lose life energy quickly. Grab a second controller, quickly, before all your energy drains. Colous move around the jungle and the pace speeds up as the game progresses. Tarzan your way around the jungle, and use your body to block the others' paths!


Nominee by Lazy 8 Studios Web

On its surface, Extrasolar looks like a legitimate scientific expedition -- the first to send rovers to a planet beyond our solar system. When you apply to the program, you’re promised a chance to control one of the many rovers that the eXoplanetary Research Institute (XRI) has put down on the surface of an alien world. You volunteer your time to help explore the planet one photo at a time. Before long, the story back on Earth becomes just as compelling as the startling discoveries on the planet as our player finds herself wrapped up at the center of a conspiracy, not sure whom to trust. Extrasolar is pioneering new gameplay and technology. Gorgeous images of the planet's surface are rendered in the cloud and delivered to the player every few hours, making each player's experience unique and raising the bar for the appearance and immersion of Web games..


Nominee by SuperChop Games iPad

Ephemerid is a musical adventure game about insects, bugs, and rock 'n' roll.

Ephemerid is a musical adventure game about insects, bugs, and rock 'n' roll. Help a Mayfly find its destiny in a world made of hand-cut paper, set to an original soundtrack.

SuperChop Games is a two-man power trio hailing from Austin, TX.

Gone Home

Nominee by The Fullbright Company PC, Mac

June 7th, 1995 1:15AM. You arrive home expecting your family to greet you, but nobody is there. Where is everyone? And what happened here?

Explore a house to discover the story of the people who lived there. Go home again.

We are a team of former AAA devs that went indie to make Gone Home.


Nominee by Suspicious Developments PC

Gunpoint is a side-scrolling stealth puzzle game about breaking into games in clever or noisily stupid ways.

Gunpoint is a side-scrolling stealth puzzle game about breaking into games in clever or noisily stupid ways: rewiring electronics, or throwing yourself through plate glass windows.

Gunpoint is designed, coded and written by Tom Francis. The character and environment art is by John Roberts, the background art is by Fabian van Dommelen, and the music is by Ryan Ike, Francisco Cerda and John Robert Matz.

Hermit Crab in Space

Nominee by Golden Ruby Games PS Vita / Playstation Mobile

Hermit Crab in Space has both the creativity of Minecraft and the dogfights of Star Fox. Do you have the gumption to make home to your dad?

Take control of a hermit crab who warped herself to the wrong sector. To get her back home, the player will have to fight their way through a galaxy of hostile sectors in an improvised ship that is never more than a few hits away from falling apart.

Golden Ruby Games is a small independent team located in the heart of New York City.

Kentucky Route Zero

Nominee by Cardboard Computer PC/Mac/Linux

A magical realist adventure game about a secret highway in the caves beneath Kentucky, and the mysterious folks who travel it.

Kentucky Route Zero is a magical realist adventure game about a secret highway in the caves beneath Kentucky, and the mysterious folks who travel it.

Cardboard Computer is an independent game studio based in Chicago, made up of Jake Elliott, Tamas Kemenczy, and composer Ben Babbitt.


Nominee by Komrade Studios Tabletop

Kulak is a tabletop dice game of chance and politics in which 4 or 5 players fight and negotiate over land. Set loosely in early 20th century Russia, each round of the game pits 3 to 4 Proletarians against a wealthy Baron. Although the Proletariat starts out united by their common goal of ending economic hardships, the Baron may tempt any of them into betraying their comrades and joining him or her in a quest for wealth and power. We often take fairness and equality in games for granted, but Kulak introduces an asymmetric game mechanic that forces players to make difficult decisions about betrayal and self-sacrifice, competition versus cooperation. As a result players form alliances and rivalries, achieving the designers’ stated goal of creating a game in which “spontaneous and unpredictable social interactions emerge from minimal rules.” Part of a growing trend of asymmetrical games, Kulak thus provides a more accurate picture of real world economics in which the “haves” play by a different set of rules and with significant advantages over the "have nots."

Luxuria Superbia

Nominee by Tale of Tales iPad, Android tablet, OUYA, PC, Mac

Luxuria Superbia is an ode to joy. A playful exploration of pleasure. A musical journey through flowers. From the sensuous to the spiritual.

Luxuria Superbia is an ode to joy. A playful exploration of pleasure. Pleasure in life, pleasure in existing. A musical journey through stylized flowers. From the sensuous over the rational to the spiritual. Bring color to the temple of love. Bring beauty to the world!

"Designed by Michaël Samyn & Auriea Harvey with music by Walter Hus. Tale of Tales use videogames as a creative medium to craft beautiful and poetic playful experiences. "


Nominee by MESSHOF PC

Nidhogg is a head to head acrobatic fencing game where players compete for the right to be eaten by a giant flying worm.

Nidhogg is a head to head acrobatic fencing game where players compete for the right to be eaten by a giant flying worm.

Messhof is an LA based game company specializing in an artistic sub-genre of seriously-serious social games for learning.


Nominee by Quartic Llama iOS - iPhone

Other is an alternate reality sound game played in the real life city of Dundee, made in partnership with National Theatre of Scotland. What appears to be a straightforward audio tour through the City begins to take on a darker tone as your phone picks up strange interference and signals from your surroundings. As you travel further the game begins to glitch and fracture, and the tour guide’s voice becomes more insistent and less friendly. Between the cracks emerging in the game, you catch glimpses of another, darker Dundee- a world of hidden stories and buried secrets. Each interaction seems to make things worse. Things are starting to get out of hand, and then you get the phone call.... Other combines the physical and visual atmosphere of the City and its inhabitants, with the sonic atmosphere and interactions of the game creating a unique, engaging and unsettling new game experience.

"Other was developed by Quartic Llama in a unique partnership with the National Theatre of Scotland, and with Dundee-based writers, musicians, artists and singers. Quartic Llama is an independent games development studio, based in Scotland. We came together a year ago to make fun, beautiful and unique games. National Theatre of Scotland is a theatre of the imagination: a Theatre Without Walls. We have the freedom to go where our audiences and stories take us. There is no limit to what we believe theatre can be.

Perfect Woman

Nominee by Peter Lu & Lea Schönfelder Kinect game (Mac,PC)

Inspired by “psychological tests” we know from magazines, the game asks the question: How perfect are you? But be careful, because all decisions in life correlate!

Perfect Woman is a strategic dancing game for kinect. Depending on how well the player's life decisions fit together, the performance will be more or less challenging.

Peter Lu and Lea Schönfelder met each other in fall 2012 at UCLA Game Lab. Since then, they work together from the distance, Peter based in Los Angeles and Lea in Ludwigsburg, Germany.


Nominee by Digital Dream Quartet PC

Play as Pico who, while looking for Father, awakens his worst nightmare. Join windows to solve puzzles, in as few moves as possible.

Pico' is a 2D, multi-window puzzle adventure game. Our proof of concept is to take a traditionally annoying experience (the popup), and turn it into a useful, relevant, and fun gameplay mechanic.

The four of us (Eren Song, Haewon Nam, Josephine Tsay, and Romain Deciron) met on a dark and stormy morning in Pittsburgh, at CMU's Entertainment Technology Center. The idea for the story started with a "what-if", and ended up taking shape over several meetings between those very same four-- comprised of two artists, one producer, and one programmer.

Porpentine's Twine Compilation

Nominee by Porpentine PC

CYBERQUEEN is like if SHODAN won and was horney as fuck.
Howling dogs is "brilliant and horrible", "holy dread", "bigger than the player".
Naked Shades plays with online spaces from an experimental, human angle--a corpse economy where players scavenge identity from the dead--a world written partially by the players.
Cry$tal Warrior Ke$ha is me listening to a Ke$ha song on loop for 8 hours and making a game.
Parasite is about what it means to let someone else into your dreams.
Ultra Business Tycoon III is for my sister.

Quadrilateral Cowboy

Nominee by Blendo Games PC, Mac

In Quadrilateral Cowboy, navigate through security systems and corporate intrigue in a cyberpunk world. When you have a top-of-the-line hacking deck armed with a 56.6k modem and a staggering 256k RAM, it means only one thing: you only answer to the highest bidder.


Nominee by Abbey Games PC

Reus is a 2D PC God game in which you control 4 giants to shape nature on a planet. The goal is to develop mankind, impeded by their greed.

Reus is a 2D PC God game in which you control 4 giants that shape the surface and ecosystems of a planet. The goal is to develop human civilizations in harmony with nature, while their greed endangers everything.

Abbey Games is a young Dutch studio of 12 people, which created Reus right out of university. Their devotion is towards hard work to explore the trade-off between innovation and traditional quality.

Rogue Legacy

Nominee by Cellar Door Games PC

Rogue Legacy is a genealogical 2D platforming rogue-LITE where anyone can be a hero. You will die, but your children will avenge you.

Rogue Legacy is a 2D platforming genealogical rogue-"LITE" where anyone can be a hero. Each time you die, your child will succeed you. Every child is unique. One child might be colorblind, another might have tourettes-- they could even be a dwarf. That's OK, because no one is perfect, and you don't have to be perfect to win this game. But you do have to be pretty darn good because this game is HARD. Fortunately, every time you die all the gold you've collected can be used to upgrade you manor, giving your next child a step up in life and another chance at vanquishing evil.

Rogue Legacy was created by brothers Kenny and Teddy Lee from Cellar Door Games. The amazing pixel art was done by Glauber Kotaki, with the incredible audio done by Gordon McGladdery (Shell in the Pit) and Judson Cowan (Tettix).

Rollers of the Realm

Nominee by Phantom Compass PC

Pinball meets RPG in the Rollers of the Realm! Pinball characters battle through board after board of epic story set in a fantasy world.

Combining the skill mastery and physics of pinball with the engagement of role playing games, Rollers of the Realm offers a new yet familiar gaming experience. Collect an ensemble cast of unique up-gradable pinball characters and battle through board after board of an epic fantasy story.

Phantom Compass is team of talented and experienced Canadian staff and contractors that make vibrant unusual games.

Save the Date

Nominee by Paper Dino Software PC/Mac/Linux

Save the Date is a game about a lot of things. Friendship. Stories. Fate. Free will. And most importantly: deciding what to have for dinner.

An experiment in metanarrative fiction via unconventional storytelling techniques, or a game about having a relaxing dinner with a good friend? Can't it be both?

Paper Dino Software is made up of Chris Cornell, and whoever he can draft into doing contract work for his latest crazy schemes.


Nominee by vested interest PC/Mac

An experimental puzzle game for simians.

Designed with gamers of all ages and ability levels in mind, simian.interface has no time limits, no way to lose, and no controls besides the mouse. Inspired by tabletop puzzles, modern art, and cognitive psychology experiments, it presents challenges which must be solved using pattern recognition, intuition, and experimentation, rather than reflexes or memorization.

vested interest consists of two locally-networked entities that go by the shared alias fabr.IQ. One leans more towards core tech and interaction, the other towards content.


Nominee by Alan Hazelden ,Harry Lee & Ryan Roth PC,Mac,Linux

Sokobond is an elegantly designed puzzle game about chemistry. It's logical, minimalist, and crafted with love and science.

Sokobond is an elegantly designed puzzle game about chemistry. It's logical, minimalist, and crafted with love and science.


Nominee by Studio Bean PC, Mac, Web

Soundodger is a game about moving through music. Weave through hand-crafted bullet patterns in an original soundtrack by a dozen artists.

Soundodger is a game about moving through the music. Each level features hand-crafted choreography of bullet patterns that must be dodged in order to perform for the entirety of a song.

Studio Bean is an independent videogame company run by developer Michael Molinari. Its games have common themes of love, exercise experimentation in interactivity and gameplay, and are highly visual and aural in presentation. They're usually strange as well.


Nominee by Henry Smith Mobile

Spaceteam is a cooperative party game for 2 to 4 players who shout technobabble at each other until their ship explodes.

Spaceteam is a cooperative party game for 2 to 4 players who shout technobabble at each other until their ship explodes. Each player needs a mobile device (phone or tablet).

Henry quit his job at BioWare last summer to go indie. Now he makes his own games full-time with help from some awesome friends.

Spin the Bottle: Bumpie's Party

Nominee by KnapNok Games & Redgrim Wii U eShop

Turn off your TV, gather your friends, sit around the Wii U GamePad and play Spin the Bottle: Bumpie's Party. Look at each other, do silly challenges, and get closer.

Spin the Bottle: Bumpie's Party is a game for 2-8 players. Players sit in a circle around the GamePad and spin a virtual bottle. Two players are randomly paired up each round to do a collaborative physical challenge by using the Wii Remotes and each other to dance, spin, grab, jump, hide, pump, pass and squeeze.

KnapNok teamed up with Swedish indie studio Redgrim to develop Spin the Bottle: Bumpie's Party. KnapNok Games have been part of Copenhagen Game Collective since 2009 and developed experimental party games, such as Dark Room Sex Game and B.U.T.T.O.N., and Redgrim are known for making silly games with awesome graphics, such as MRS.DAD vs KÖRV and Jones – Change the World.

Starseed Pilgrim

Nominee by Droqen & Ryan Roth PC, Mac, Linux

Starseed Pilgrim is a game about tending a symphonic garden, exploring space, and embracing fate.

Starseed Pilgrim is a game about tending a symphonic garden, exploring space, and embracing fate.

Droqen and Ryan Roth met in Toronto, while Mert Bat?rbaygil is from Turkey. Respectively, they are responsible for the design, the audio, and the graphics.

Super Time Force

Nominee by Capy Games

Super Time Force is a high-octane pixel-art thrill-ride with the steering wheel of time in your hands!

Super Time Force is a high-octane pixel-art thrill-ride with the steering wheel of time in your hands!

That Dragon, Cancer

Nominee by Josh Larson OUYA

That Dragon, Cancer takes place in a Children's Hospital. The players will relive certain moments in the ongoing 3 year long battle that Joel and his family are living through. This Children's Hospital is a place where the natural meets the eternal; and the real meets the surreal. The player's surroundings may phase to a cliff-face in the middle of a storm, or a midnight vigil in a home; a playground in the summer, or the bedroom of Joel's parents with Joel asleep between them. With poetry, spoken word, light puzzle solving, and immersive sound design with a sparse orchestral score we aim to create a poem the player can get lost in emotionally and yet understand from the context of their surroundings. The player will be brought face-to-face with that overwhelmingly powerful dragon called cancer and be asked to choose hope.


Nominee by Matt Makes Games PC, OUYA

A fast-paced versus archery platformer about destroying your friends. Fosters epic rivalries, tense moments, and dramatic victories.

An archery combat platformer for up to 4 players. It's a local party game centering around hilarious, intense versus matches. The core mechanics are simple and accessible, but combat is fast and fierce. TowerFall is best played competitively with friends, crossed-legged on the floor within punching distance of each other.

Matt Thorson did the design and code and lives in Vancouver Indie House with his awesome friends. Pedro and Amora, known as Miniboss, drew all the pretty pictures and live in São Paulo. Alec Holowka is Matt's roommate and created the beautiful music. Kevin and Jeff are also from Vancouver, they go by Powerup Audio and made all the sounds.

Upgrade Soul

Nominee by Opertoon iPad, iPhone, & iPod touch

Upgrade Soul: Immersive sci-fi graphic novel, a tale of science gone awry, told with fluid interactive artwork and a quirky dynamic score.

Upgrade Soul is an immersive digital graphic novel that tells the story of Hank and Molly Nonnar, wealthy science buffs who decide to fund a risky, experimental therapy to rejuvenate the human body, with only one condition: that they be first in line to receive it.

Chicago-based writer/illustrator Ezra Claytan Daniels and Southern California designer/developer Erik Loyer are longtime collaborators in experimental digital comics. Upgrade Soul is the latest in a series of "story instruments" published by Opertoon, Loyer's interactive entertainment label.

Movers and Shakers

Nominee by Singapore-MIT GAMBIT Game lab Android Tablet

Movers & Shakers is a two-player tablet serious game created as a research tool to explore how players communicate based on conflicting perspectives within the game. The aim of Movers & Shakers is to create a meaningful conflict between its players and to facilitate a controversy beyond the screens. When players start the game, they are informed that the earth has slowed down and they are in charge of managing lava sprites in the center of the earth to get the planet back on track. They are each tasked with individual goals, met by arranging the lava sprites using a boardgame-like interface, but in real-time like a strategy game. The gameplay experience is unique to each pair of players, as the intention of the game is to explore issues of modern office environments and leadership dynamics through asymmetrical gameplay and subversive elements.