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Bounden Selection E3 2014

Bounden is a whimsical dancing game for two players on iOS and Android, with choreography by the Dutch National Ballet. Twist and twirl elegantly, or get entangled with a friend. Holding either end of a phone, you tilt the device around a virtual sphere following a path of rings. You swing your arms and twist your body, and before you know it, you are already dancing. Bounden is a very physical game, focusing on interaction and intimacy. You can play at a bar, during a date, or as a performance, even with other couples playing at the same time.

Developed by

Game Oven

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We wanted people to dance. Together, in real life, with real people, doing a real choreography, gracefully and synchronously. With elegant, flow-y dances made by the Dutch National Ballet and playful, get-entangled dances made by us, we created a fun experience for everyone, whether you’re a dance enthusiast or not.

Game Oven

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Game Oven is a Dutch game studio, making games that make you sweat.