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Paparazzi Selection E3 2014

Paparazzi is a frantic multiplayer game where 2 players take the role of either a celebrity, or the paparazzi. The paparazzi must take photos of the celebrity, as the celebrity must avoid the paparazzi to reach their limo with some dignity!

Developed by

Pringo Dingo Games

Festival Year



PC, Console

Our goal behind Paparazzi was to create a fun-filled game that reflected 2 different roles, with 2 different game-play styles. We wanted to design an experience that put a fun twist on the issue of privacy between celebrities, and exploitation through the paparazzi.

About Pringo Dingo Games

Pringo Dingo Games consists of a team of recent college graduates and best friends from USC and CSULA. Alongside their burning passion for games, Pringo Dingo Games strives to create memorable and exciting interactive experiences for everyone!