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StoryPops Selection E3 2014

StoryPops empower young readers with a smartphone as a dynamic prop to PLAY with their favorite stories. Stone Soup is a classic folktale that has been adapted to our unique StoryPop format. Each page of the story includes a novel cross-device interaction that lets readers enact narrative events or roleplay with characters. StoryPops are best shared with a friend, so grab a reading buddy and GO!

Developed by

Localite Games Inc.

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Real, physical spaces and the experiences they encompass are important. The ways in which we connect with others around us have changed as networked mobile technologies have become more accessible and more advanced. But we believe that technology is a net positive. The smartphone-revolution is amazing; each of us carries around the Library of Alexandria in our pockets. And while we probably spend more time looking at funny cat pictures than uncovering the mysteries of the universe, we still believe that mobile technology has empowered us for the better. We created Stone Soup, a StoryPop, to inspire emotional presence. Many kids games and reading apps are solitary diversion, whereas StoryPops let readers share stories across multiple mobile devices. Collaborative reading happens millions of times all around the world as a kid picks up a book and is excited to share it will a sibling, parent, or adult figure. Building on this tradition, we created StoryPops to introduce interactivity and emotional presence around mobile reading through cross-device play.

About Localite Games Inc.

The StoryPops team includes a designer/developer/project lead (Anna Lotko), a UI/UX artist (Natalie Gravier), a network engineer (Mason McCuskey), an illustrator (Jeremy Lobdell), a sound designer (Kristi Knupp), a composer (James Craft), and an effects artist (Michael Murdock). Our interdisciplinary team was inspired by the idea of creating shared experiences across multiple mobile devices. After experimenting with various formats of play, we landed on the idea of developing an entirely new form of digital pop-up book that features story objects popping-between the screen boundaries of multiple mobile devices. We chose to create an illustrated kids book because we love inspiring creative play and working with kids.