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Tetrageddon Games Selection E3 2014

Tetrageddon Games is an experience built for the desktop and iOS mobile devices. All of the project is freeware, downloadable, and open source. Tetrageddon is a digital gallery of "Pop Games" based on our collective cultural taboos, icons, and humor, and it encourages players to creatively engage in the creation of itself - it is the internet, in the form of a game, a narration of the dynamic times we are in.

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Tetrageddon Games

I’ve been developing online interactive content since the beginning (when you had to explain "what the internet is" to people, and email spam was unheard of). Being part of many cutting edge projects was amazing, but it left me wanting more. I noticed how afraid of experimenting people often are. With Tetrageddon I want to create something where there is "no holding back". I am paying tribute to early 90’s parody websites, freeform websites, or personal websites. There was no Facebook, or social media, to learn about a person. You did that via their personal website. We’re losing that “personal touch”. Most sites today are templates, and standardized. I am reviving some of the elements that I believe we are losing. Putting standards on the back burner, and disregarding best practices (in game design, and web development), I’m starting over. Merging together the experience of the internet, and games, I’m making something new. Error screens, cryptic digital messages, popular humor tickling the nonsense nerve, noisy music, non-pertinent arguments, artificial intelligence, and hard to follow (possibly pointless) plots all merge to create Tetrageddon.

About AlienMelon

Tetrageddon Games is created by indie game developer and artist Nathalie Lawhead, to experience internet culture as a game made of games.