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What?!? Oh... Selection E3 2014

What?!? Oh... "The Game of Couples Banter" is a conversational card game that playfully and ridiculously recreates the 'loving' banter that most couples share. Quibbling becomes a joke and silliness a distraction. Up to 4 players create a conversation on the fly using phrase and action cards from their hand, each round starting with a randomly chosen Emotion, Setting, and off-hand Comment. What?!? Oh... is a game of easy improv where the sport of talking meets the challenge of listening.

Developed by

Games Without Strings

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What?!? Oh...

What?!? Oh... started as a simple, experimental mechanic where players could generate a conversation simply by playing back and forth phrase cards from their hand. After throwing away various game mechanics that impeded the flow of conversation, I found that listening in and of itself was a tricky game. The removal of 'memorable/funny' cards and the addition of fill-in-the-blanks vastly improved the games replay ability. Randomly chosen Starter Emotions, Settings, and Comments were added in time to not only start the game with a laugh and a concrete scene, but to ensure that no conversation would ever be the same twice.

About Games Without Strings

What?!? Oh… was created by one game designer, Chris Henderson, with the help of one graphic designer, Anne Martin. However, invaluable feedback and suggestions were given by many of the game’s play testers. The most of which came from Audrey Geller, my fiancé. Audrey will be joining me at E3 as a team member.