IndieCade Festival
October 11 - 13
Los Angeles, CA
IndieCade Europe
October 19 - 20
Paris, France

All About eSports

Are you a fan of white-knuckled competitive gaming? A strategic mastermind who loves to outwit opponents? Or maybe you prefer watching others at play and cheering along? The eSports showcase is home to the festival's loudest and most spectator-friendly games. And be sure to check out our headline event during Night Games on Saturday evening!

eSports Showcase

(Fri-Sat) eSports Showcase

Throughout the day on Friday and Saturday, the six main selections of our Showcase get a dedicated time-slot for exhibition matches. These games combine a high skill ceiling, experimental forms of conflict and teamwork, and clean aesthetics to drive their playability and spectating potential. Stop on by and be the first to experience the competitive indie games of the (near) future.

Night Games

(Sat) Night Games

When an indie eSport is as visually stunning as it is deep, it deserves a place in Robin Arnott's excellent Night Games event. We will select one unreleased game to be featured in our booth on Saturday night, plucked from the crop for its innovative aesthetics and pick-up-and-play accessibility. So challenge your friends or stick around to enjoy the light show!

Bracketed Tournament

(Sunday) Bracketed tournament

Once a competitive indie game has been out in the wild for a few months, some of its players rise to become its uncontested masters. In the weeks leading up to IndieCade, we will announce our tournament selection and give hopeful attendees time to hone their skills. Throughout the weekend, you can reserve a place on the brackets for a single-elimination tourney commentated by shoutcasters on a big screen.

Speedrun Demonstration

(Sunday) Speedrun Demonstration

At the past IndieCade East we premiered a new event format: an indie game speedrun! A NY-based runner took on indie darling Anodyne, attempting to rival the standing record for an “all-boss” playthrough, while the game's developers provided commentary on the game's quirks and inner workings. On the final day of IndieCade 2014, a California-based player will tackle an as-yet-unannounced title on the big screen for your viewing pleasure.

2014 eSports Games

Capsule Force

by klobit

Dog Park

by Kevin Cancienne

Gang Beasts

by Boneloaf

Knight & Damsel

by MK-ULTRA Games

Lethal League

by Team Reptile

Mighty Switch Force

by WayForward

Push Me Pull You

by House House


by Radial Games Corp

Toto Temple Deluxe

by Juicy Beast

Show Hours

  • October 9th
    • IndieXchange (Pre Festival Developer Summit)
    • 9th Annual IndieCade Award Ceremony
  • October 10-12
    • IndieCade Festival
    • Professional Conference
    • GameU Sessions


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