IndieCade East 2016

April 29 - May 1, 2016

Call for Talk Submissions

Indiecade East 2016 takes place April 29th to May 1st, 2016 at The Museum of the Moving Image in Queens, New York.
The window to submit talk proposals for its conference track is now closed.

The IndieCade East 2016 conference tracks include:

Alternate Universe: Design Lessons from the Other Other Indies

How do independent creators from other creative industries and arts (film and video, music, literature, theatre and performance, etc.), make the best of cheap tools, minimal time and funding, and wide distribution to design projects that bridge the gulf between accessibility and value? What design lessons can we apply as indie games experience market saturation, slow audience growth, stiff competition and bootstraps snapping under the weight of expectations?

System Update: Communities, Commerce, Institutions

How do the systems that provide resources to game-makers shape the kinds of work we do? Should we continue to work within them or look for liberation in the transformative act of making on our own? We’ve rallied for more diverse game-makers, and new faces have appeared — but how are they receiving financial, emotional, practical and professional support to give them the best chance at making and changing the things they want to? How do we draw from and give back to communities and friendships, tune the commercial interests of distribution and publishing platforms to our needs, and get public and private funding bodies to speak our language?

Weird Science: Tools and Technology Changing Games

Making and breaking software tools, reimagining hardware, exploiting open-source, and inventing new rules of physics. How are game-makers breaking down technical walls, sidestepping limitations, and ignoring conventions to design games that are nothing like what’s come before? What tools, tricks, and theories will shape the form and experience of games in the coming post-indie-gold-rush years?


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