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2Play Tap

Fingers fly as 2 players battle on the same iPad.

About 2Play Tap

2Play Tap brings family and friends together.

Fingers fly as 2 players battle on the same iPad.
The competition heats up with the addition of strategic powers.
The advanced mode increases the mayhem when players must joust with multiple fingers.
2Play TapĀ is easy to learn for players of all ages.
CAUTION: Bandaids may be needed!

Developer's Artistic Statement

2Play Tap was inspired by the launch of the original iPad. Its touch interaction and screen size screamed 2 player game. I set out to design a game that can bring 2 people together across the iPad. It had to be easy to learn, yet exciting to play. I focused on making it the simplest to understand that could lead players into a crazy battle.

The idea, "Keep It Simple", was the driving force throughout the development. Early proof of concept versions demonstrated the basic game mechanic was solid. I constantly found myself removing interface glitz, bells, and whistles to keep the design clear and crisp. This game is about the players, not flashy graphics.

I love the final design's clean style. I'm most proud of the code under the hood. The game interacts with the players in many ways. The code adapts to the players' behavior.


Developer Info

2Play Games is an indie game development studio bootstrapped by founder, Scott Stevens.
The game was developed, code and graphics, by Scott.
Composer, Michael Tushaus, and Scott met while working together on ""KA"" by Cirque Du Soleil. Michael is also a film maker. He edited the game's promotional video.

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