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Developer's Artistic Statement

60HZDAYDREAM is an examination of open individualism and panspecies archetypes. The viewer is asked to form their own connections from the sea of stimuli.

Made for TOJAM10, the intention was to make a game that ran at sixty frames per second where each frame was a different game. Furthermore, the games had to be non-violent -- it felt like eating foil to adopt cliches of violent conflict resolution. Lastly, in order to save sanity, each game had to fit into an abstract fictional game system I made for the weekend. It was something like one song, three images and six variables (including the four variables recording button presses). I ended up role-playing a shovelware developer for an imaginary system, pushing myself for another and another and another. I did not end up with sixty games, I had to take a bigger cut that Stephin Meriit did from 100 to 69.

Mechanically, I found it fascinating that in the absence of instruction, stimuli, goals, timers, or really anything in modern game vocabulary viewers found themselves searching and reaching and closing the loops. I was reminded of Henry David's quote " The natural day is very calm, and will hardly reprove his indolence."

Indeed, at the end what I found is that there is a mundanity in survival and a hyperactive nervousness in mundanity. I thought a lot about these creatures and their lives during the weekend, and especially trying to sketch one (the gull) 1800s style, drawing from life on my terrible V


Developer Info

I don't have a team, but let me tell you a little bit about my day today. I woke up late -- the alarm went off at 6:00 but I shut it up and slept in until 7:45. I showered and dressed and went out in the world to maybe get some work done. Nothing! I basically drank coffee and tried to figure out if the DARPA Robotics Competition was for real. It seemed too on-the-nose that the robots from the different countries reflected cultural artistic norms. I remembered I had to drop off a house key in Culver City and took the Expo Line for the first time. What a beautiful line! I passed by USC, and a bun

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