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700 To 730

About 700 To 730

700 to 730 is an interactive cinema piece and a video installation that allows the audience to create montage through the experience. By tuning to change the shots being played on the screen, follows a seven years old girl who lives with her grandparents in a senior apartment; goes back and forth between real and imaginary space, and explores her life through the film that the player created, which is different every time.

Developer's Artistic Statement

700 to 730 was inspired by the constant solitude as a state of my life. As an introvert and a heavy thinker, who enjoys finding my existence in the painfulness of ongoing reflection and exploration, I spent a lot of time play with notions, interact with the inner voice, as a kid who can create the fun experience by themselves. The project has its first breakthrough when researching on Eisenstein Sergei’s montage theory and its collision with Jean Piaget’s study on children operating in a world of an inner speech made up of a collage of images.
The convergence of “child’s play” and cinema as a self-expressive tool that can resurrect that fascinate me, which bring me to work on this interactive cinema piece 700 to 730.



Developer Info

Zekia Zhan, Artist & Director
Atwood Deng, Engineer;
Jung Ho Sohn, Engineer;
Arif Khan, Producer.

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