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About Contingency

CONTINGENCY is a unique head-to-head strategic card game where players skillfully command the role of a devious assassin or the cunning bodyguard. Players take turns revealing secret maneuvers and following the instructions on the card. The instructions are simple, but new and interesting strategies evolve through an elegant mechanic and emergent gameplay. Will the bodyguards be able to save the target, or will the assassin succeed with an unexpected range kill?

Developer's Artistic Statement

The inspiration for Contingency came to me about 5 years ago after I had just finished watching an animated series called Death Note. The writer had done an amazing job of capturing a psychological chess match between two young geniuses. One character a righteous megalomaniac serial killer, and the other an obsessive, puzzle-solving oddball. I wanted to capture their back-and-forth logical reasoning, their psychological cat-and-mouse that built such great tension and anticipation.

Fast forward to the present and my career in the gaming industry has taken off. I now work as a user-interface designer and I have learned along the way how to refine, edit, and polish enough that I can finally finish what I started. This game is my attempt at reflecting my personal taste in both art and design with a clean, minimal, and balanced aesthetic.

With the encouragement and support of some good friends in the industry, I've been given the confidence and motivation to put Contingency out into the world.



Developer Info

Contingency has been a side-project of mine for many years now. It picked up steam recently thanks to the help of some great co-workers and friends at our weekly board game night. I wouldn't have moved forward with it, had it not been for their interest and enthusiasm in helping me test and refine.

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