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ESC Game Theater

ESC is a multi-player gaming and social experience unlike any that exists today.

About ESC Game Theater

ESC is an innovative, live game theater that features specially designed games in a unique and immersive setting. You can play collaboratively or competitively, individually or in teams, up to 30 people at a time!

ESC Game Theater will be hosting an exclusive pop-up experience at IndieCade East featuring several games by different game developers. Don’t miss out on this special opportunity to see and play ESC!


  • Developer: ESC Game Theater

Developer Info

ESC was created by Edwin Schlossberg and ESI Design in 2011. The goal was to create a company that creates live, in-person, multi-player games in a variety of formats. We originally developed four formats and then created a partnership with Jere Harris, CEO of PRG, to further prototype one format in 2012. Following the success of the prototype, ESC evolved into the new LLC Eddie’s Social Club, which is owned by Perfect Client (Edwin Schlossberg) and Jere’s Social Club (Jere Harris).

ESC has also formed a special partnership with Warner Bros. for development of custom games for the ESC platform and experience.

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