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Femmepocalypse is a small single player dress-up game. It is similar to 'girl games' in which you decorate a cute girl's face with makeup. However, you are instead choosing the look for your world-dominating avatar as you upload your consciousness into every digital device on earth, infiltrate all recesses of cyberspace, and transcend your fleshbound format.

After a short scene establishing the story, the player is brought to a screen with five buttons at the side, labelled 'blush', 'brows', 'eyes', 'lips' and 'skin'. Using either the mouse or mask controller, the player scrolls through a variety of options, ranging from microchip skin, blue laser-like eyeshadow, lightning bolt blush, goth lips and electric smokey eyes, all with cyberpunk influence. Once the player feels their face is ready, they click the 'next' button and are presented with the final screen; an image of themselves as they've chosen to look, dominating the earth.

Developer's Artistic Statement

Femmepocalypse is "a game about serving face while humanity serves you". It is a small power fantasy that subtly nods to themes of queer brown identity, exasperation with life as-is, and our sources of strength in a world that prefers to systematically leave us dead and forgotten.

The game has a custom controller; a mask attached to a Makey Makey, with aluminum foil sections that change the corresponding parts of the face on the screen when touched. The mask is transparent, so when the player holds it up to their face, looks through it, touches it and changes the in-game face, they hopefully feel as if that face is their own face, rather than objectifying the face as a separate, presumably female entity they have control over.

In the "real", non-cyber world, makeup, fashion and related modifiers of our outer shells are commonly used to oppress and dictate how we ought to look in order to match accepted norms. However, similar to how this game makes use of the dress-up genre often associated with traditional 'girly' figures, makeup and the like can also be re-appropriated and repurposed as tools of empowerment and autonomy in one's presentation. Femmepocalypse plays with this idea, as it suggests that, before negating all the earth's former oppressive power structures with the simple upload of their mind, the player/character takes the time to look good, strictly under their own definition of what looks 'good', what affirms their identity, and how they want to represent themselves to an oppressive world (that they now rule).


Developer Info

altopunk - artist, designer/developer

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