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Ninja Tag

Ninja Tag is a local multiplayer stealth brawler where concealing your position and stalking your friends is key to execute precise assassinations to be the crowned as the ninjaest ninja.

About Ninja Tag

Ninja Tag is a twitchy stealth brawler where 2 to 4 players compete to be the ninjaest ninja. Armed with crossbows or swords, each ninja can lurk in the dark for unexpected backstabbing or zip around the map and strike their opponents before they can react. Quick reflexes and a keen eye will tell where your enemies hide and ensure you live long enough to take them out.

Developer's Artistic Statement

The original concept for Ninja Tag was born from my desire to create a game that could have a working mix between hidden information in a local multiplayer game and fast-paced twitch mechanics. There are many released couch games that explore the concept of hidden information, but a common trait between them is that the game has to rely on extra screens to filter out which information to give each player.

Ninja Tag's development was inspired by local multiplayer stealth games like Hidden in Plain Sight and Luigi's Ghost Mansion minigame (Nintendo Land). My goal with Ninja Tag is to create a competitive game where juggling hidden information is key to assassinating your opponents. I want players to deceive their opponents and strike them down moments after they realize the ruse. From the arena layout to the ninja's various abilities, Ninja Tag was tuned to give players the sensation of becoming a master ninja by manipulating visual information through the environment and performing surprising assassinations.



Developer Info

Leandro Ribeiro is an independent game developer from NYC. His main focus it to make experimental multiplayer games that brings people together in the same physical space to enjoy gaming without the online component. Nothing beats couch multiplayer!

Ninja Tag was designed to allow players to outsmart and assassinate their friends while looking at the same screen. Everyone has perfect information about the match at all times (or at least has access to it), so quick reflexes and sharp eyes will define who will be crowned the ninjaest ninja!

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