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Pry open a troubled mind and hold its thoughts in your hands.

About PRY

Six years ago, James returned from the Gulf War. Explore James’ mind as his vision fails and his past collides with his present. PRY is an app hybrid of cinema, game and fiction that reimagines how we might move seamlessly among words and images to explore layers of a character's consciousness. Open or shut James’ eyes, pull apart his memories, or read his thoughts infinitely scrolling in every direction. Through these unique interactions, unravel the past and discover a story shaped by the lies we tell ourselves: lies revealed when you pull apart the narrative and read between the lines.

Developer's Artistic Statement

PRY is an artistic intervention in narrative experiences crafted for tablets. Our interactions were designed together with the story in order to serve the story’s content and form, rather than functioning as an extra feature. One of our design questions was how might we use the vocabulary of touchscreen gestures in ways that resonate with the story. We also asked ourselves what narrative might work best in a non-linear, fragmented and interactive space. PRY is a project about the fragmented and often contradictory nature of thought and memory. It is best understood as an exploratory, evocative experience where the player is both the agent and witness to James’ journey as he reconciles his past and present.



Developer Info

Tender Claws is a studio founded by Danny Cannizzaro and Samantha Gorman. Gorman and Cannizzaro met while seniors at Brown University and have collaborated for over ten years on projects ranging from live performance, interactive installation, and virtual reality to digital publishing. Working across genres and mediums is core to our philosophy. Our two most current projects are PRY, an interactive story iOS app, and Tumball, a live sport played with leaf blowers and tumbleweeds.

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