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October 11 - 13
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Regular Human Basketball

Two regular humans play some regular B-Ball. No giant mechanical death machines here!

About Regular Human Basketball

Inspired by the simple controls of QWOP and the relaxing co-operative gameplay of Spaceteam comes the new party game from Powerhoof, makers of Crawl. In Regular Human Basketball you and your teammates run around inside a giant mechanical death machine flicking switches and shootin hoops. It's local multiplayer for 2-10 players, and out now for free on PC!


Developer Info

Powerhoof is a two man independent games studio, located in Melbourne, Australia. Barney Cumming does the art and animation, and David Lloyd handles programming. Their first project is Crawl - The dungeon crawler where your friends control the monsters. Crawl was released on early access in August 2014, and they've been busy since, adding more features and content to the dungeons, with a brief hiatus to release another little local-multiplayer game called Regular Human Basketball.

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