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Shoot Shoot Mega Pack

A party game about rules, friendship, and shooting.

About Shoot Shoot Mega Pack

Shoot Shoot Mega Pack is a minimalist party game/2D shooter for up to four players. You can choose a preset game, create your own rulesets, or let the game do it for youHowever you decided to play, just make sure you do it with friends.

Developer's Artistic Statement

Shoot Shoot Mega Pack appears to be little more than a party game about triangles shooting each other and while all of those things are true, it's also a game about people. I've always been fascinated with how the things we do impact those around us and in making SSMP I set out to explore that idea within a discrete abstract space. At it's core the game is about the actions of the players and the consequences that follow. For example, if you look at the preset sync in SSMP, if a player thrusts then all player's thrust and every additional player thrusting increases the speed of every player.Ultimately, the game doesn't ask you to think about this or even recognize it but personally it's this focus on the actions and interactions of the people playing SSMP that makes it interesting.Alternatively it could just be about triangles and shooting.



Developer Info

Jon Remedios is an independent game designer/developer based out of Toronto. He's currently finishing up his first independently produced game Shoot Shoot Mega Pack. Afterwards he'll (hopefully) work on something else.

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