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Ultimate Rock Paper Scissors

Ultimate Rock Paper Scissors, URPS for short, is old-school Rock Paper Scissors with a casual collectible card game twist. Victory is achieved through fist bumps and mastery of the mind game.

About Ultimate Rock Paper Scissors

In Ultimate Rock Paper Scissors, players are armed with powerful cards that are played through the traditional Rock Paper Scissors hand game. The winner's card takes effect, while the loser's is discarded. The first player to reach 20 points wins. It's a constant battle of wits between players, weighing what card they wish to play against what they think their opponent will do. It's a simple game to learn, but since every opponent is different, it is virtually impossible to master.

Developer's Artistic Statement

Ultimate Rock Paper Scissors, or URPS for short, was inspired by childhood memories of kids trying to think of more creative ways to achieve Rock Paper Scissors victory. Instead of the usual "rock", "paper" and "scissors", I remember playing "fire", "gun" or even "Superman" in an attempt to catch my opponent off-guard.

URPS takes this largely awesome but admittedly chaotic premise, and makes a sensible game out of it, without sacrificing all the fun and creativity involved.


Developer Info

The Snickers Chamber is composed of aspiring would-be gamers-turned-game-developers who aim to bring new twists to proven game mechanics.

In its latest project, the Chamber takes on Rock Paper Scissors. Inspired by childhood memories of creatively inventing hand symbols in an effort beat the regular rock, paper and scissors, we came up with what can be appropriately called Ultimate Rock Paper Scissors, or URPS for short.

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