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aglimpse: friends

Fun photo challenge game fostering curiosity & friendship!
Break away from everyday life. Re-connect with friends in a personal and visually unique way.

About aglimpse: friends

Play in short bursts over days, weeks or months with someone you see every day or a friend who lives far away and discover a new way to interact and be part of each other's life.

Respond to a challenge by taking a picture of something around you or using a picture from your photo gallery. Create a caption, then choose a new challenge to send back to your friend.

Learn more, tease your mind, and re-discover the world around you. Show your friends your city and neighbourhood and have your friends do the same! You will never see things in the same way again!

Come play the game with us in the Big Games section of the IndieCade Village from 3-6pm on Saturday 24th October!

Developer's Artistic Statement

aglimpse: friends was created to be a game that fosters friendship, curiosity and challenge.

The inspiration for aglimpse: friends came from a series of short games I made with different friends. I wanted to create a game I could play with a friend who lived in New York while I was living in San Francisco. We wanted a reason to get out and explore our local urban spaces, but we wanted to share our experiences.

Further inspiration came from my dislike of how social media encourages us to spam our friends as though each of our friends has the same interest in all aspects of our daily lives. In aglimpse: friends you choose the challenge you want your friend to complete, so you can choose if you want more or less baby photos (for example) from that particular friend.

Staying in touch with friends is hard. A major goal of aglimpse: friends was to get people connecting in a light and fun way. aglimpse: friends aims to make the everyday world more interesting, just by asking you to look up from your phone and share your daily life with someone who cares.



Developer Info

aglimpse: friends is brought to you by inquisiment, an indie game development studio based in Seattle. Currently, the team is made up of Jenn Sandercock with help from friends and casual contractors.

Jenn hails from Australia and is inspired by the idea of non-violent and co-operative games. As the founder of inquisiment, Jenn’s ambition is to create a world of mobile gaming built on curiosity, challenge, and friendship. Her determination to challenge conventional gameplay mechanics led her to complete a personal challenge to finish 12 games in 12 continuous months.

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