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... and then it rained

About ... and then it rained

... and then it rained is a minimalist arcade game as well as an acoustic and visual experience. Set in an abstract world, the player has to catch colored and different sounding rain drops by dragging and reordering matching towers, resulting in a rhythmic and nearly meditative world of sounds and colors.

Developer's Artistic Statement

We have focused on creating a game with a Zen-like experience. A game to forget time and space in rhythmic and nearly meditative world of sounds and colors. A game to let players fully immerse in the flow of its' simple and yet engaging gameplay. We tried to reduce the game down to its bare core and make that core as smooth and polished as possible so that nothing stands in the way of full immersion.



  • Platform: Mobile
  • Developer: Megagon Industries

Developer Info

Megagon Industries publishes games developed by Jan Bubenik, Severin Brettmeister, Daniel Helbig and friends. Located in Berlin and somewhere in Canada we make games exactly as we want them to be.

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