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Antichamber is a surreal, exploration puzzle game, set within a non-Euclidean labyrinth of manipulable geometry.

About Antichamber

Explore a vibrant and deceptive world, where space can change, nothing is as it seems, and the puzzles abound with non-traditional mechanics. Antichamber, designed by Alexander Bruce, is packed to the brim with intelligent and unique puzzle designs that provide a metaphor for how we live our lives. An earlier version of the game, previously entitled Hazard: The Journey of Life, was presented at the IndieCade E3 Indie Games Showcase in 2010.

Developer Info

Once a regular boy, Alexander Bruce's life changed when he found an abandoned pink suit discarded in the middle of a dark alleyway in Melbourne, Australia. Thinking the suit would be fashionable, he carelessly tried it on for size, unaware of the magical powers that it concealed. The symbiotic nature of the suit latched onto Alex, giving him the ability to design a game like no other, at the expense of his own sanity. He's been wearing it ever since. Meanwhile in Texas, Robin Arnott spends most of his time jumping around in puddles and recording the water going splash splish splash, whilst in the Netherlands, Siddhartha Barnhoorn plays musical instruments from within his home, an echo chamber.

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