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Application Crunch

About Application Crunch

Application Crunch, developed by Collegology Games at USC’s Game Innovation Lab working with CHEPA, is a card game about high school students aspiring to apply, get into, pay for, and do well in college. Manage your time in order to build competitive applications and submit them to colleges and scholarships before their deadlines pass. Pathfinder captures the spirit of applying to college, and rather than ‘gamifying’ it, finds the natural games students are playing, and uses its mechanics to make that system more understandable to the player.

Developer Info

Collegeology Games is an organization composed of members of academia, and is funded by grants from USC, foundations, and the U.S. Department of Education. The mission of Collegeology Games is "to develop, operate, and evaluate a suite of fun, inspiring, and educational games that will increase the number of low-income youth preparing for, applying to, and finding success in the nation’s four-year college programs. Our suite of games is a research-based and highly innovative effort to ensure postsecondary educational opportunities for low-income high-school students."

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