IndieCade Festival
October 11 - 13
Los Angeles, CA
IndieCade Europe
October 19 - 20
Paris, France


About BasketBelle

BasketBelle is an adventure game that uses a basketball mechanic to interact with its narratives. Through flashbacks and memories of his life, the main character learns tricks from his all-star father (and recalls other significant events that help him deal with the challenges in his life. BasketBelle merges expressive, hand-drawn visuals and audio together to help tell story, to provide smooth and responsive controls during play, and to create a bond between player-character that's just as meaningful as that found between the family members in the game. BaketBelle was chosen for the festival for its beautiful visual and auditory design elements and unique story-based gameplay.

Developer Info

studioBean is Michael Molinari, though he is also known by a widely used nickname, Bean. He designs independent games, makes art, and composes music.

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