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Beautiful Corner

About Beautiful Corner

Beautiful Corner is an interactive narrative installation. It has a set, and lights and sounds that react to the player’s progress. Two interactive puzzles are used to convey the narrative of the installation. It is designed for one person to play at time. The player is asked to assume the identity of a specific character, and is given costuming and props. The player enters the set and explores both puzzles in order to see how the puzzles relates to the character they are playing. As they play through the two puzzles the set reacts to their progress by lighting and music changes. The experience ends with the player being asked to make a narrative choice on the outcome of the story. After choosing, the player experiences one of two possible endings.

Developer's Artistic Statement

While escape rooms are very entertaining, I want to create an emotional tone in an interactive space of something besides fear or panic. My vision consists of a space in which a player can start to sink into a different world, to become a character in it. Puzzles are solved not in order to escape from this different world, but to explore that world and its story more deeply. By creating a single player experience I hope to facilitate a higher degree of roleplaying opportunities for the player. I want to bridge the emotional tones of interactive theater with the gameplay of escape rooms, and create a hybrid that sets a player up as the main character in their own interactive play, with the room acting as their foil. I want to an opportunity for the player to play as someone else, in a world more magical than their own, where a story is waiting to be uncovered and their choices matter.



Developer Info

Martzi Campos- Lead Designer/Artist
Brian Handy-Programer/Designer
Lishan Amde -Programer/Designer
Kylie Moses- Writer/Designer
Amy Huang- Artist/Designer
Kyle Laporte-Music
Suzy Riffel-Set Designer
Dustin Maberry-Set Builder

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