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The BIT.TRIP series, by Gaijin Games, comes full-circle with BIT.TRIP FLUX. Ride along with CommanderVideo for classic paddle-based gameplay as as he completes his mission and returns... home. BIT.TRIP FLUX explores what it means to return to "the source" after death, and integrates retro aesthetics with modern sensibilities to create compelling gameplay. Available on WiiWare. Some suggested text for this: BIT.TRIP FLUX brings the beloved BIT.TRIP series full circle (both literally and figuratively) to creative a sophisticated evolution of classic gaming. Imagine Pong evolving from a single-celled animal into a complex organism, in which the elegantly simple paddle mechanics yields a seemingly infinite array of emergennt gameplay in a beautifully abstract pixelated world. An indie success story, BIT.TRIP FLUX is now available on WiiWare.

Developer Info

Gaijin Games developed the BIT.TRIP series, as well as Bloktonik and lilt line.

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