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Clue House

About Clue House

"Clue House" is a game of competitive murder for 4 pairs of players and two ghosts. Curry the butler welcomes you to the home of Lord and Lady Clue, who regret they are not able to greet you in person. Each player receives a weapon of proficiency; the weapons are randomly distributed to three rooms, the Ballroom, the Conservatory, and the Dining Room. In each round, players must select one room to visit. If you are in a room with your weapon and one other player - no witnesses - you can murder that player. But the ghosts want blood, and they'll create mischief if it will result in even MORE murder. Strategy, cunning, bluffing, Communism. Just kidding: Communism is only a red herring.


  • Developer: Wise Guys Events

Developer Info

Wise Guys Events is Myles Nye and Greg Snyder, two LA-based game designers who also work as consultants in the challenge department on CBS's SURVIVOR. Wise Guys specializes in live interactive teambuilding games. We've created high-end, innovative experiences for companies like Google, Apple, Disney, Nike, etc. They love working with us because their people end up having so much fun, they don’t notice that they’re actually accomplishing something. Greg and Myles are proud to be showcasing at IndieCade for the 6th year in a row, after their game last year "Rose MacBeth" (blindfolded knife fight in a graveyard) won the Developer's Choice Award.

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