Daydream Blue

About Daydream Blue

Daydream Blue is a virtual playground to help players find their smiles, relax for awhile, and find friendship.

Daydream Blue has a robot buddy, mini-games inspired by the imagination of kids, the atmosphere of camping in Kentucky, and connection with others through online multiplayer.



Developer Info

Shea Rembold - Lead Developer
Richie Hoagland - Design and Art
Blair Scott - Art
Shawn Hibbler - Music
Leonard Wedderburn - QA
Jeff Hoagland - Producer

Developer's Artistic Statement

Daydream Blue is inspired by artists such as Edward Muybridge who look to a new technology/medium to give it’s own answers for what that medium is capable of. We hope to use virtual reality to enhance people’s lives, by offering them a relaxing and playful escape.

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