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Explore the Desolus; an enigmatic and dreamlike landscape full of secrets.

About Desolus

Explore the Desolus; an enigmatic and dreamlike landscape full of secrets.In Desolus, you control a powerful black hole called the singularity. With the singularity, you attract and absorb particles from miniature stars to solve a variety of skill based puzzles.As the game progresses, unique abilities are acquired which augment your singularity. Each new ability unlocks new landscapes to traverse and puzzles to solve.The world is designed as an immersive first-person experience. Puzzles and challenges reward exploration, critical thinking, determination, and mastery.



Developer Info

I'm a solo developer. My work philosophy is mostly out of pure passion, determination, and persistence. However, there is a method to the madness.

Since I come from a software development background, I make the game in short sprints where I rapidly implement a feature. I try to playtest as much as possible, and get empirical feedback which I can later use to improve the game.

Since it's just me, I put on a different 'hat' when I get tired of doing a certain type of work (ex. art one day, programming next, design next, etc.). I also leave a few days of the month to do experimental development. This process keeps me refreshed.

I have a development log here that I update around once a week:

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