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Elegy for a Dead World

About Elegy for a Dead World

Elegy for a Dead World: Three portals to long-dead civilizations await you. Of your team, only you -- the poet -- arrived intact. Your job is to explore these worlds, write about what you find, and share your stories with the rest of the universe. Other players will read what you write, and assess it. Are your stories descriptive? Lyrical? Touching? The sky in your own homeworld is populated by stars that shine brighter, the more the real world appreciates your writing. Your goal is to write something so moving that a thousand others applaud you. Each of the three worlds was inspired by the works of a British Romance-era poet: Shelley, Keats, and Byron.

Developer's Artistic Statement

With Elegy, we want to demonstrate that everyone possesses the ability to create. When you enter the game, you see our interpretations of Shelley's, Keats', and Byron's apocalyptic poetry. It then prompts you to interpret them. Why are there towering skyscrapers here and wood huts there? Why would people destroy the Astronomy collection of their library but leave the rest? What drove this civilization to live underground? Players' stories have been delightfully divergent: some write archaeological accounts; others write fiction within the framework we give them; there's even been a tiny smattering of poetry.



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