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Four Sided Fantasy

About Four Sided Fantasy

Four Sided Fantasy is a game in which you have the ability to maneuver past obstacles using screen wrap. When you leave one side of the screen, you “wrap around” and come out on the other side, much like in Pac-Man. The twist with Four Sided Fantasy is that the player has the ability to toggle screen wrap on and off at any time.

Developer's Artistic Statement

The world of Four Sided Fantasy is dreamlike, contrasting a serious tone with a lightheaded one, taking inspiration from games such as Braid, Thomas Was Alone, and Sword and Sorcery. After creating The Fourth Wall, Logan Fieth realized that the concept of using screen wrap to solve environmental puzzles could be expanded into a fuller game.



Developer Info

Jason Wang: Concept / Environment Art
Jesse Phillips: Animation / Environment Art
Amalachi Zacharia: Environment Art
Royce McLean: Concept / Environment Art
Ian Shores: Sound Design
M.J. Quigley: Music
David Scamehorn: UX/UI Design
Logan Fieth: Design/Programming
Serenity Forge: Publishing/Porting

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