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About Improviso

Improviso, a collaboration between GAMBIT and the MIT Media Lab, is a game about ACTING! Players are paired online as the Lead Actor and Director of a low-budget science fiction movie. Improviso explores how the user interface and framing of a game can lead ordinary players to engage in dramatic improv, even if they have no prior experience acting or storytelling. Improviso was chosen to highlight the inventive and exciting choice to create a multiplayer game that grows from rules and systems of improv, and encourages cooperative play in a totally different frame than a typical video game.

Developer Info

"The Singapore-MIT GAMBIT Game Lab was a five-year research initiative, extended to six years, that addressed important challenges faced by the global digital game research community and industry, with a core focus on identifying and solving research problems using a multi-disciplinary approach that can be applied by Singapore's digital game industry. The Singapore-MIT GAMBIT Game Lab focuses on building collaborations between Singapore institutions of higher learning and several MIT departments to accomplish both research and development." (

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