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Ledbetter is a clever little word/strategy game for you and your friends

About Ledbetter

Ledbetter, a clever little game of words and wits for you and your friends.

In Ledbetter, you claim territory and score points by spelling words. Unlike most word games, Ledbetter allows you to spell words up to 15 letters in length, and it instantly lets you know whether or not the word is in the dictionary.

There are several modes in Ledbetter:

Online Play - Play the game online with your friends. Each one-on-one game lasts at most eight rounds and allows lots of opportunities to gain points in various ways. You can play as many games as you want concurrently, and games are quick, fun, and challenging.

Practice Mode - Along with the online games, you can also play games versus our artificial intelligence. The game comes with four levels of AI: Novice, Proficient, Masterful, and Erudite.

Puzzle Mode - Puzzle mode approaches the same board as the main game in a different way. In this single-player mode, the goal is to use all 24 tiles on the board in six turns or less. Your score is ranked both worldwide and against your friends.


  • Developer: Jeremy Gibson

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