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Loop Raccord

About Loop Raccord

Loop Raccord, designed by Nicolai Troshinsky, is a video editing game about synchronising a chain of video clips in order to create an illusion of continuous movement between them. Inspired by the work of Peter Greenaway and exploring traditional video editing techniques, “Loop Raccord” uses cinematographic language as gameplay. Players get into a flow as they gain mastery at this a simple, abstract task that is transformed into a compelling interactive experience. Loop Raccord harkens back to the era of “interactive cinema” while at the same time introducing a unique and original way to interact with the film medium.

Developer Info

Nicolai Troshinsky's artistic talents are extensive. He studied illustration in Madrid, then assisted Józef Wilkon and Linda Wolfsgruber in Sármede, Italy. In 2009, he graduated as an animation filmmaker in the french school “La Poudrière.” After graduating, he teached cinematographical language in the animation school "Ars Animación" in Madrid. Finally in 2010, he started developping experimental games.

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