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About Monstermatic

Monstermatic is a new engaging and entirely customizable monster creator for iOS devices. It's cartoon style, monsterific personalities, playful atmosphere and wealth of tools inspire creativity to assist the player in creating their very own custom monster to play with, interact with, and even bring to life through the magic of 3D printing at the click of a button.

Developer's Artistic Statement

We wanted to make a game about silly monsters who live in our pockets. Tiny little friends , always getting themselves into trouble and playing tricks on us. A spin on the Tamagotchi madness 25 years later! While we were thinking of how people could interact with monsters in the digital world, Claytons, 2 year old son was growing up and he was starting to interact with real things in the real world. That’s how we came up with Monstermatic, a digital game about creating physical toys. Keeping the concepts of 3D printing and customization in mind, we developed a UI that both engages users in creative play and is a place where a true connection between the player and their monster can thrive. Today, Clayton’s son is still our number one fan!


  • Platform: Mobile
  • Developer: Mico Studio

Developer Info

Clayton is the creative brute, with a serious monster addiction and Levi is the wizard piecing all the crazy ideas together and turning them into an amazing app.

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