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Old Man's Journey

About Old Man's Journey

Old Man’s Journey is a slow-paced puzzle adventure in which players shape the landscape to guide an old man on his last big journey to find reconciliation with his family. The player will accompany the old man through a gorgeously illustrated world and learn about the old man's life choices along the way.
Old Man's Journey is the perfect experience for a relaxed evening in your favourite reading spot.

Developer's Artistic Statement

Our ambition is to make Old Man’s Journey into a rich and emotional experience, with characters you can relate to and a world you want to immerse yourself in. One that touches people of all ages, gender and culture. We want to make a game you can enjoy in that quiet reading nook of yours, when you want to sit back, relax and feel. To achieve this we have created an emotional arc, based on the story of the old man's life. All our design decisions are guided by this emotional arc. Thus it will be inherent in, and strengthened by, every aspect of the game. The gameplay, the story as well as the visual and acoustic design of the levels.
Thematically Old Man's Journey is about family, and the deep but sometimes difficult relationship between its members. This is very close to us personally, as we've all recently became parents and our children have become an integral part of our lifes. We have learned that balancing family and work, as well as individual needs and those of your children, is not alwasy easy. We believe this is an experience a lot of people from our generation can relate to.
Because we chose a topic that has the potential to touch a diverse audience, we are prioritising experience over challenge. Old Man's Journey is still a puzzle game at its core, but we're designing it to never be frustrating, while making sure it is always interesting. The hand-crafted and whimsical world of Old Man’s Journey encourages explorative playfulness to further strengthen the light-hearted experience.



Developer Info

Felix Bohatsch, Project Lead
Clemens Scott, Creative Director
Andrew Rohrmann, Audio Director
Salon Alpin (partner company), Visual Narrative
Jan Hackl, Gameplay & Audio Programmer
Brian Main, Animation & 2D Artist
Julia Angerer, Programmer & Technical Artist Intern

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