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Ore: the Mining Game

About Ore: the Mining Game

Ore is a tabletop strategy game for 3-5 players with a unique twist on the worker placement mechanic. You take on the role of competing mining barons, attempting to grow the most prestigious company of the era. You start with a small sum of money and two miners and must find the best strategy to grow your business.

You can send your miners to the mines, where they will gather valuable ores. Unlike other worker placement games, your miners will continue to dig deeper each turn, gathering more resources the further down they go. However, they won’t leave the mine until they reach the bottom or are blocked, and when they are in the mine, your miners can’t pursue other strategies to build your business. So, you must decide how to balance gathering resources with acquiring contracts and assets in order to turn those resources into a victory.

Developer's Artistic Statement

Ore arose from a single idea for a "worker placement over time" mechanic where a meeple placed on a space would move down the card each turn, gathering more resources the further down the card the meeple went. This central mechanic easily led to the mining theme, and this basic premise has survived the three years of tweaking and reworking the game.


Developer Info

Joe McClintock - Designer
Jason Steingisser - Designer
Stephen Davies - Artist

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