Papa Sangre

About Papa Sangre

An audio only game designed for handheld devices that use procedurally generated binaural audio. Players navigate Papa Sangre's palace: a Day of the Dead-themed hell-hole with no graphics. Avoid the bad things. Find the good things. Rescue the soul of someone you love; do the right thing; escape. Papa Sangre was devised by Somethin' Else, backed in part by Channel 4 in the UK, and inspired by a black-room theatre game that forced players to concentrate on what they could hear. (Sangre y Patatas).

Developer Info

Team Papa Sangre: pretty much the A-Team of Evil when it comes to game design, play design, theater design, and sound design in London, unified by Somtehin' Else -- a content design company with confidence across interactive and linear platforms. Officially one of the Uk's Creative Agencies of the year.

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