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Ping: Missile Tennis

About Ping: Missile Tennis

Ping: Missile Tennis is a high-octane eSport for iPad & iPhone. The basic rules of Pong still apply, but now you can fire missiles - either in small rapid bursts or massive clusters - to take control of the ball's movement or harass your opponent. What was once a passive waiting game is now a manic match of skill and reflexes!

Developer's Artistic Statement

Ping: Missile Tennis was inspired by my college roommates and I getting super competitive playing table tennis. I wanted to recreate that competitive excitement in an accessible, arcade-y way, so I began experimenting with Pong mechanics. Adding missiles to Pong made it feel more like real table tennis in an abstract way, since you can control the ball and outwit your opponent. We couldn't stop playing Missile Pong. Now I want to share the fun with everyone!



Developer Info

I created Ping in my college dorm room with encouragement and input from my roommates. A year later, 2 friends discovered the game, loved it, and gave me funding to develop it into a fully-fledged release. I hired a friend to compose the music and another friend to paint the splash art. I did the design, programming, and development with the help of my parakeet Tanooki.

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