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Pitch Fight

About Pitch Fight

Pitch Fight is a party game for 5+ players, where you pitch the next big thing! Players take turns pitching against each other, two at a time, and everyone else votes on which idea comes out on top. However, you only have three points to express your idea! The winning pitcher obtains two Pitch Bucks, and each player that voted for the winning pitch receives one Pitch Buck. In the defense round, players can use three more points to explain why their idea is the best. Everyone pitches twice, and the person with the most Pitch Bucks at the end wins!

Pitching is performed in a specific way - first place your hands together, then hold your fingers to your face. Then, with each point, tilt your fingers forward. This is a proven way to pitch successful business ideas - now all you need to do is make your case!

Developer's Artistic Statement

When we designed Pitch Fight, we wanted to create a game that places creativity into the players’ hands. With that in mind, Pitch Fight’s rules are open ended and the topics are meant to inspire rather than become a structured game mechanic. Players can pitch anything from the mundane to the outrageous - for example, for the topic “fad diet”, we’ve gotten pitches from “artisanal, 100% gluten, avocados” to “you can only drink, the blood, of your enemies”. Pitch Fight also draws inspiration from crowdfunding culture, allowing players to parody the more outlandish campaigns that fund, as well as business meetings as if all the players were huddling around a conference table, pitching and voting for the next big thing.



Developer Info

Katie Khau - designer and artist
Jessica Chu - designer and writer

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