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please be nice :(

About please be nice :(

please be nice :( is a PC game where the players come up with the features. The first player that beats the current version of the game gets to submit a new feature for the next version of the game. After that, we update the game with the suggestion added to the game and then the cycle restarts. The game started out really basic: the goal was to walk to the bottom right corner, but now the game is a complex action game with emergent gameplay.

Developer's Artistic Statement

please be nice :( is an experimental game. We wanted to see what would happen if we gave the players so much freedom that they could actually come up with the features for the game. It turned out that that's a pretty crazy idea and that a lot of weird and interesting stuff will spawn out of it!


  • Platform: PC, Console
  • Developer: Aran Koning

Developer Info

Herman Groenenboom and Aran Koning met in their first year at the Utrecht University in the Netherlands where they were both doing Computer Science. After a few months of hanging out, they started talking about a game that would be completely designed by its players. They then decided it would be awesome to work on this crazy project together!

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