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Polar Rollout

About Polar Rollout

PolarRollout is an iOS puzzler that combines line-drawing physics action with cartoony animations and a lovable team of characters. Simple swipe-and-tap mechanics are the key formula. The player navigates a rolling polar bear to a portal by drawing trails of ice and interacting with the surrounding environment. But before the portal can be entered, you must first carefully plan your path and destroy an invasion of fish-like creatures scattered around the level. Highly-interactive game elements are gradually introduced to the player's advantage, including cannons, teleportation, and zero-gravity environments, making each world feel like a brand new yet familiar game within itself. Thus, the limits of your imagination and precision are constantly put to the test. This makes for a refreshingly unique and distinctly engaging experience for all audiences.

Developer's Artistic Statement

My vision for Polar Rollout was to create a unique and highly-interactive gameplay experience that gamers of all ages could appreciate. Line-drawing mechanics of this sort seem to be very rare in the gaming world and I felt this was my opportunity design something cool, cute, and challenging all in one package. I drew my inspiration (no pun-intended) from characters and animes that I personally love, many of them Nintendo-based, and challenged myself to build my own game that I myself would enjoy playing and could even see becoming an animated series down the road. For this reason, I spent a great deal of time designing the characters, giving each of them their own quirky characteristics and personalities. I'm particularly satisfied with the uniquely-themed obstacles that build with time as well as the music selection, both of which I feel enhance the transitions from world to world, and as a musician myself, I find that music alone can make all the difference. The introduction of new game elements for each world does a really good job of preventing the game from becoming too repetitive. Thus, I worked diligently to make the tutorials feel a lot less like homework and much more like training for something big and exciting. Because I am such a huge fan of retro games, I want Polar Rollout to be the "new school" retro experience that feels like it could've belonged with the old school titles, while also avoiding the same old, same old formula you might come across in mobile gaming today. Everything from how the ice crumbles beneath the player to how the fish taunt you when you're sitting idle stems from my desire to immerse the player as deeply as possible, leaving no details forgotten.



Developer Info

Blue Evolution Interactive consists of one team member, myself, with a strong passion for both gaming and music. Upon finishing college, I set out on a mission to teach myself how to develop mobile games with the hopes of creating the next popular and original series. With a full-time job in marketing, I dedicated my spare time on weeknights and weekends to creating Polar Rollout while managing all of the promotional aspects of the game. After 2 years of a slow but steady evolution, I continue to add the finishing touches and have incorporated elements from as many of my inspirations as possible for the rest of the gaming world to enjoy.

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