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Project Heera : Diamond Heist

About Project Heera : Diamond Heist

Project Heera is an E-sport. Imagine a combination of Dota, Counter Strike and Monaco. -Top down Team Based Multiplaer 3d game Experience of the game is based on: 1) Cop – Thief chase factor (stealth and tension) 2) Heavy Focus on risk – reward element 3) Massive options for tactics and strategy based on map, player abilities 4) COMPETITIVE Experience. Fun to play, fun to watch. The game takes place in maze like maps with fog of war. Diamonds are spread across the map. 2 teams play as either cops or thieves. Cops defend, thieves steal. Cops are powerful with weapons and traps. Thieves can't attack back but have hiding / tricking abilities. Each team plays 3 rounds of both sides. The team to steal the most diamonds wins. Every character in the game has unique gadgets. Deeper meta-game exists due to small rules.

Developer's Artistic Statement

Project Heera is game made by a student team. Fed up with the mobile and web dominated game industry in India, I decided to take the risk and target something hardcore, something I'd really love to play as a player. I never owned a console in my life and had 0 Experience with multiplayer games. So I set out to create the next e-sport for consoles :P Inspired by all time favorites Dota 2 and Counter Strike, I wanted to deliver that competitive experience where players have various options to develop their own strategies, tactics and play styles. I also wanted to push huge focus on the risk - greed factor. It plays directly with the ego of the player there by making the whole game fun and entertaining for both, the ones playing and the ones watching. Yes, the game also takes in mind the spectators as an ever present factor. In Short, I want to aim for the next E-sport. Fun to watch and addictive to play. I vision the game somewhere in the future with massive sponsored tournaments, fan fantasy leagues, professional teams etc, The game has proved it's potential in the last experiment tournament we had, and we only want to make it bigger and better.


  • Developer: Mazhlele.

Developer Info

The guys made a console game and got a BAFTA nomination. None of them ever owned a console in their lives :D
Mazhlele was a student team from DSK Supinfogame India. It was assembled to take part in the competition Dare to be Digital. After playing Tanmay's initial one man prototype, the team was instantly convinced by the concept and came on board. Consists of a short guy, a bane voice guy, a bald guy, a lazy guy, and a never say never guy. Members have worked on award winning projects before like Cloud Shepherd (Square Enix Game Development Contest India 2012) and Masque (CG Short movie).

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