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RIOT - Civil Unrest

About RIOT - Civil Unrest

RIOT is a crowd control simulation-based game representing real events that have been happening around the world in the past few years. The game focuses on realistic crowd intelligence with very high gameplay variation depending on the tactics (both violent and non-violent) that the player will decide to use.

Developer's Artistic Statement

Inspired by Leonard's participation in the Italian NO TAV riots, the game sets out to let the player understand the relationship between the police and riorers and ultimately discover the similarities and differences of the factions. Represented in pixel-art the game manages to depict the power of conflict between the factions with startling beauty.



Developer Info

Leonard Menchiari (creator/graphics/narrative/design)
Marco Agricola (programmer/design)
Fabrizio Zagaglia (additional programmer/in-game graphics)
Michele Postpischl (sound design)
Giacomo Langella (music composer)
Ivan Venturi (producer)

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