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Ever wondered which of your friends could protect you with their eyes closed? Find out in Sentree - a cooperative, physical mobile game for 2 or more players about keeping a cool head and helping each other survive through the night in a dark, unfriendly forest.

About Sentree

Sentree is played using a blindfold, an iPhone, iPad and verbal commands. One player is the Shooter, controlling a bulky, magical flashlight via her iPhone that shoots light beams that sends aggressive monsters back into hiding when hit. The Shooter, however, is blindfolded and must rely on the other player (or players) who can see incoming enemies on the connected iPad. The Spotter must then help the Shooter in which direction to turn and when to fire using only verbal commends.

Sentree hinges entirely on communication between players, and mastering the game depends on establishing trust relationships while at the same time providing a spectacle and thrilling social moments for players and audience alike.

Developer's Artistic Statement

Sentree was conceived from a team building exercise called “The Coaching Bridge”, that one of our team members used to facilitate as a team building instructor, in which a group of players guide a blindfolded person across a broken suspension bridge using only verbal commands.

With Sentree we set out to design a similar play experience, using digital technology and asymmetrical mechanics that enable players to develop their own communication strategies.

The game doesn't prescribe or encourage any one specific communication strategy, but instead leaves it up to each group of players to invent good command systems between themselves.



Developer Info

Glitchnap is a band that makes games instead of records. Based in Copenhagen they specialize in multi-device party games, alternative controllers and local multiplayer mayhems.

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