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About Shackle

Shackle is a cooperative puzzle horror game for the Oculus Rift. Two players find themselves trapped on opposite sides of a haunted room, divided by darkness. Actions performed on one side of the room may affect the other, making communication key. Use flashlights to explore your dark surroundings, but draw too much attention and you risk an attack from that which lurks beyond the walls.

Developer's Artistic Statement

Shackle puts 2 players in a bind together - chained back to back in-game, yet separated by a mysterious plane of darkness. Setting the game in virtual reality allowed us to "blindfold" the two players from each other, while increasing world immersion. The result is exciting gameplay, memorable dialogue, all wrapped up in a tense and terrifying series of rooms.

What lurks beyond the walls? A tormented monster with an intelligent and reactive AI making it feel truly alive. Along with attacking the players, the monster is also capable of interacting with objects in the room, possessing player’s flashlights, and being angered by players loud actions or flashlight use. Additionally, the monster’s presence is also dynamically adjusted based on the players’ ability, opening our exciting horror experience to a broader range of players.



Developer Info

Hayden Platt - Project Lead / Level Designer / Gameplay Programmer
Dara Diba - Level Designer / Gameplay Programmer
Lauren Cunningham - AI Programmer
Ryan Connors - Network Programmer
Silvia Ordonez - 3D Artist
Jarrett van dan Bergh - 3D Artist
Fangzheng Han - Concept Artist
Joey Schutz - Composer
Tommy Schutz - Voice Actor

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