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Ten Games You Can Play With Business Cards

About Ten Games You Can Play With Business Cards

Ten Games You Can Play With Business Cards is a small zine that turns business cards into a prop to be played with. They reshape the droll of these cards and provide new ways to experience them: lick them, spy people through them, toss them. Games for yourself, games for many, this zine has ten games you can play with business cards.

Developer's Artistic Statement

Samuel Leigh had been making "Ten Games You Can Play ___" zines for a while under the name of Physical Games. When Sam and James Earl Cox III met at Different Games Conference, James fell in love with this idea. It's a DIY zine in the most basic sense: print and fold at home, take along anywhere, hand out. How these silly little games could put new perspective on any subject matter. A single piece of paper providing play for hours and for many. So they collaborated on such a zine. The end result is "Ten Games you can Play with Business Cards."


Developer Info

James Earl Cox III, Samuel Leigh

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