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The Delusions of Von Sottendorff and his Square Mind

About The Delusions of Von Sottendorff and his Square Mind

Baron Von Sottendorff is an aristocrat of his time: a nobleman, with a great presence, residing in an impressive mansion from the early twentieth century. Although he can get in and out of it as his please, he does not know it - actually he is trapped inside his own mind.

Under this premise was born 'The Delusions of Von Sottendorff and His Square Mind', a game for Nintendo 3DS, creating a new experience by combining a platforming and puzzler genre. Player will handle not just the Baron but the rooms, which are an important point in the game because one can move them all, ordering them until liking their doors. Thus, connecting the environment player can guide the character to the exit. Worth a mention is its holophonic audio system, recorded with a 360º technique that allow the (headphones') users to feel music and voices literally crossing their brain.

Developer's Artistic Statement

A few years ago, during a Game Jam, we created a mechanic based on classic '90 platforming games, focused on piece displacement. 'The Delusions of Von Sottendorff and His Square Mind' wants to surprise the player and, the title literally contains all the elements the game offers.

Baron Von Sottendorff was an aristocrat who has gone mad - he took refuge in his mind, and got isolated of the world. Main aim is to help the Baron understand what happened and restore his sanity. It will not be easy, as mansion rooms and memories are untidy and erased. His own Madness, who cares and protect the baron, will prevent the player to achieve the goal. The Madness is a voice that accompanies the player throughout the game (a narrator), helping (or not) to learn to play and to understand baron's past - however, generally speakig, Madness does not want to remember. (Both audio and voice were recorded with a holophonic technique to provide greater immersion).

Delirium Studios wanted a game with an "European flavor". We wanted to feel in it a touch of Russian literature, French cinema, German music, ... - a tribute to the old continent. Characters like 'The Adventures of Baron Munchausen' are clearly referenced. We like to think on Von Sottendorff as the Don Quixote of the video games industry. Throughout its 40 levels, over 200 rooms were exclusively handmade, 8 different worlds almost artisanal with a great variety of game mechanics. We were nearly 40 people, involved in a development of 2 and a half years. This is the bet of Delirium Studios to demonstrate that Spain can make indie games beautifuly crafted and taking consoles technical potential, as 3DS, to its maximum. A game to be proud of.



Developer Info

Arturo Monedero

Original Idea
Iván Armada / Arturo Monedero

Game Designer
Arturo Monedero

Asier Quesada / Mikel Donés

Art Director
Arturo Monedero

Technical Director and 3D
Mikel Vázquez

Concept Art

3D Art
Mikel Vázquez / Daniel Moreno / Francisco Calatayud / Iker Uriarte

Level Artists
Mikel Vázquez / Francisco Calatayud / Daniel Moreno / Alfonso Navas

Mauro Pavan

Arturo Monedero / Josué Monchan

Iñaki Madariaga

Music and Sound Design
Daniel Tejerina

Amaia Martín / Nicole Borda / Daniel Palacio

Abylight S.L.

Eva Gaspar

Technical Director
Nacho García

Project Manager
Manuel Montoto

Engine Developer
Ricardo Fernandez

Audio Engine Developer
Alberto J.Gonzalez

Gameplay Programmers
Manuel Montoto / Carlos Martos / Oriol López / Emilio Lopera

Interior Designer
Oliver Ladrón

Voice Production and Sound Engineering
Bigorringo Estudios

Sound Production and Technical Director
D.S. Damián

Nerea Alberdi

Voice (English)
John Bolduan

Voice (Spanish)
Borja Doñoro

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