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The Depths to Which I Sink

About The Depths to Which I Sink

Descend into tubes, pass through hoops, avoid moving walls and smash windows into pieces. In the Depths to Which I Sink, stereoscopic 3D is an integral part of the gameplay - not just graphics. It's impossible to play without 3D glasses. Your screen becomes a cube, and you will feel like you're floating inside of it. The goals and objectives force the player to think in Z - not just X and Y. The Depths to Which I Sink uses 3D to enrich gameplay and the player’s experience.

Developer Info

Bigpants' Jim McGinley attended the University of Western Ontario. His comic, Happy Mister Bigpants, was published in the university newspaper. At the 2012 Game Developer's Conference, Mr. McGinley gave a presentation on game designs, made in 1979, for the TRS-80 computer.

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