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The Movement

About The Movement

The Movement is a strategic narrative game where the player leads a political resistance while dealing with the dangers and consequences of inciting social change. Will your movement end in a revolution or will you be assassinated before making a lasting mark?

Featuring a unique graffiti art style and combining traditional adventure game narrative choices with resource management, The Movement is an interesting experiment in combining strategy with narrative choice.

Developer's Artistic Statement

The Movement was inspired by a love of old school adventure games, resource management, and Ava DuVernay's "Selma." We wanted to put the player in a position where they had to make tough choices, balancing out what they felt was right for their movement politically against the financial and manpower challenges inherent in fighting for political change.


Developer Info

Designers: Jon Moormann, Brian Kang, Chris Wallace, Mauricio Juliano Dos Santos, Rohan Flinn, and Alicia Stott

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